How Airbnb Makes Money

How Airbnb Makes Money

About Airbnb

Since its reality, Airbnb has been the hit plan of action among the families and vacationer to pick their own particular reasonable host and space for staying in the foreign lands. This flourishing business model inspired numerous young talents to enter into this industry.

Now a day’s many Airbnb clone websites are goes viral in the market. They adopted the working mechanism of Airbnb and create their own stand-alone platform in the travel and tourism industry. Those clones also generate the same revenue flow which is default in the Airbnb. Homestaydnn is such an Airbnb clone which facilitates with best features and flawless revenue generating methodology.

Revenue Generating Methods

    • Whenever a new user enters into your website, you can drive money from the registration fee from every member.
    • Get money on every property listing happens in your travel booking platform. This property listing fee is the main resource for driving revenue for your vacation rental platform.
    • An interesting and most significant money bringing instance is property verification fee. It helps you to list only the entrusted properties on your website and also gain income for verifying properties.
    • Gain the traveler service fee from the world tourists for helping them to get the perfect accommodation in the foreign lands.
    • Each time, the traveler books a property for accommodation, you can collect absolute money from the property owner as a host service fee.


Homestaydnn- Airbnb Clone Script

Get a head begin of the travel booking business precisely like that of Airbnb is proficient with the assistance of promptly available our Airbnb clone script. The thing you must make sufficiently certain is that the adaptability and wealth of offices made in your travel booking site. Since an arrangement of rich components is very impacted in the method for profiting by running a monstrous travel booking site.

With regards to this point of view, HomestayDNN made an exceptional Airbnb clone script which is joined with a select arrangement of cash making choices and also various income carrying highlights along with the script. In this post, make a quick look at the income making and inducing facilities of our script.


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