Become A Master In Music Through Rocktone Music Academy

Become A Master In Music Through Rocktone Music Academy

Rocktone Music Academy offers a variety of music lessons in Singapore. We mainly focus on offering different instrument classes at the best prices. When you choose our academy to learn your music, you have the best opportunity to learn to play a range of musical instruments. This includes Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Drums, as well as other latest instruments available on the market.

Rocktone Music Academy is renowned for offering music lessons in a more professional way to people of all age groups. Whether you want to make your kids learn music or you are interested in learning to play your favorite musical instrument, you come to us. We have suitable tutors who are greatly skilled and experienced to offer the required training in an effective way.

Every parent in Singapore will usually want to make his or her kids learn music. If you are one among such parent and would like to make your kids learn playing drums, come to us. We are offering a range of children drum lessons Singapore according to the pace of your kids. This means that your children will not only know the professional way of playing a drum but also in an easy and quick way. All our drum artists have vast experience in playing the instrument for many renowned orchestras in Singapore.

If you or your kids are new to the world of music, but interested to learn to play guitar, do not hesitate to call or visit Rocktone Music Academy. This is because our music school is also renowned for offering free beginner guitar lessons. You and your kids can confidently join one of our guitar classes to become a master in playing all types of guitars, regardless of their model and make.

Rocktone Music Academy offers music courses both on full-time, as well as on part-time basis. If you are a working individual and want to learn music in a professional and affordable way, then you can join one of our part-time classes. Moreover, every music class Singapore of our institute will be handled by professional and experienced artists, who have specialized in their field. As a leading music institute in Singapore, we are committed to designing our music lessons to cover all the required features of learning the instrument.

Enroll your name on if you would like to learn to play your favorite instrument in a more professional and affordable way.

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