Airbnb’s “Host Experience” Feature

Airbnb’s “Host Experience” Feature

As we all know with its tremendous concept, Airbnb obliges millions of peoples all around the world. Airbnb always thrives for the benefits of their customers, they always keep an eye on the customer during each updated. Once again Airbnb stunned people by introducing a new feature to host called “Host Experience”.

I know you may wonder what’s new with this.  The name itself suggests that this feature belongs to only hosts. The host can create their own experience about a visited place, skills, interests, passion and much more in which he/she gained knowledge.

A host can create more than one experience. The time duration depends on the created hosting experience. A host can guide his guest about the experience in hourly basis or it may extend to multiple days. I will make you clear, if a host explains about his skills within the home may take only a few hours on another hand if he wants to take his guest to some other outdoors may take multiple days.

Airbnb serves non-profit organizations too. Yes, they facilitate host to add an experience to increase social impact for a particular nonprofit organization. So that those experiences create the awareness of a social community. Through this, the 100% income to the host is given to the nonprofit organization and this create alert about a cause or can able to get support of many to a particular issue

Check with these steps:

1. Once you are familiar with the standard policy about other host and guest experience, you can create an experience.

2. Once it meets the quality standard then Airbnb proceeds with the next step.

3. After it gets approved from the Airbnb, the experience is published and it can be hosted on a flexible time. A host can set the price and money to the interested guest.

4. A host can manage all the guest activities through the mobile app like track booking, a message to the guest or updating the schedule.

Cancellation Policy of Host Experience:

A trip or experience which is canceled within 24 hours are eligible for a full refund and also a trip which is canceled before 30 days are also eligible. A trip which is canceled within 30 days is not eligible until or unless the trip or experience is booked by another, the money won’t be refunded.

If a trip is canceled by the host due to weather conditions, the Airbnb team will work with the host for the considerable refund.

Right now, this feature is available in HomestayDNN as “Homestay Experience“. If you owing an HomestayDNN-Airbnb Clone Script, it’s one of the best options which boost up your clients.

Get ready to share your experience with “HOMESTAY EXPERIENCE”. 

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