Airbnb Clone Script – launch a profitable online rental business

Airbnb Clone Script – launch a profitable online rental business

Optimizing Airbnb vacation rental website-Save time & Money

You are running your Airbnb vacation rental script successfully. That’s a great start for your business. It seems like Airbnb taking your time too much. It can take your time in taking inquiries, checking guests or cleaning and maintenance of rental unit. You may feel like Airbnb hosting takes your valuable time. We help you to save time and money by optimizing Airbnb rental website.


Keep record of your tasks to save time in Airbnb clone script. We list down major categories of tasks you do as Airbnb host.

  • Guest communication
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Writing reviews
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Buying supplies
  • Property maintenance
  • Calendar updates and Listing

Know your effective earnings per hour by

  • Finding out what you earn on average per month with Airbnb clone script
  • Multiplying weekly hour inputs to get monthly worth of hours

Airbnb earnings/hr visited = Monthly average earnings/Average monthly hours

Take a note of how much hours you spend on Airbnb host per week

From this you get clear idea of where you are spending your time in Airbnb hosting. We share our tips to cut down time spent on Airbnb task category.

Airbnb Guest communication

Airbnb guests ask some sort of same questions and as a host you should keep note of it. Take your answers for frequently asked questions and save it in document. When you find similar question in FAQ page you can simply share the answer for your Airbnb guests.

Check-ins/Check outs

This is one of the crucial parts in hosting Airbnb and you should have a good system. Get a key lock box with code before waiting for guest arrival. You can hang that key lock box on your door handle or in front yard/lobby. When guest type a code they are all set to use. They can simply drop the keys in and take off with a note if necessary. Put two keys to make sure guest use spare key to check-in/Check outs.

Airbnb rental cleaning

Instead of having one or two bed sheets and towels buy couple of more sets for guests. You can avoid time in washing them before each guest check-in. cleaning your Airbnb rental by yourself can be tiresome and takes your valuable time. Consider having a cleaning service and batch wash the clothes to save time. We suggest you to go for cleaning service instead of individual cleaner. If individual cleaner calls off his work then you will be in trouble. If you have cleaning service they will send you another cleaner to your need.]

Airbnb reviews

Write your reviews quickly based on experience of guest visit. It can take time for writing reviews if you have high booking volume. You can even automate your reviewing process. You should be personalized for every review of each guest.

Buying supplies

Avoid buying supplies every week and instead buy every month. Try online services to buy supplies for your Airbnb rental. Purchase these supplies separate from the things you use in personal life. It really helps you in having clean receipts for tax deductions.

Property maintenance

Your vacation rental will be used more like hotel than a home. Your guests will put more strain stuffs on your place. You have to be proactive in maintaining your vacation rental. It saves your time and money if you find any issue before it becomes a major problem. Create list of things such as switches, locks, doors much more to inspect every week.

Calendar updates

The first way is to manually go in an update your availability and pricing daily. For accurate pricing, you need to look up any upcoming special events and holidays. This can take a lot of time and you may be leaving money on the table.

Update your Airbnb listing with amenities as what guests appreciate more about your place. If you think of new update you can save it in list. Spend just 30 minutes in editing and updating listing once per week. Make immediate updates such as pictured amenity which update can’t wait.

You can update Airbnb calendar in two ways

Manually updating your availability and pricing daily. For accurate pricing you should look for special holidays and events in calendar. It takes lot of time and efforts

Instead, you can try automated tools for pricing, reviews, messaging and communications.

Do you have any plan for setting-up a vacation rental platform like Airbnb? We are here to help you out. HOMESTAYDNN – Ready-to-go vacation rental solutions.

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